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Dali Brooch Sells for Almost $150,000

A piece of jewelry designed by surrealist artist Salvador Dali sold for nearly $150,000 over the summer.

The three-inch long brooch, in the shape of a human eye, is made from diamond and platinum, and features a small gold watch in blue enamel in the center. The piece was originally made by famed New York jewelers Alemany & Ertman as a gift for Dali’s wife in 1949.

Dali only designed around 20 pieces of jewelry in his life, thus it is very rare to see one come on the market. An Italian man bought this particular piece in the 1950s and passed it down through his family.

It went up for sale at auctioneers Dreweatts of Newbury, Berkshire, where it was expected to sell for just under $20,000. Instead, it was bought for 12 times the amount.

People from all over the world were bidding on the piece, but it eventually sold to a private collector in the United States.

Courtesy of Daily Mail

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