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Putting Faith in Gold

The Indian government recently began digging near an ancient temple after a holy man said he dreamed 1,000 tons of gold was buried there.

After the man was told about the $40 billion treasure in his dream, he informed the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI), who hoped the discovery of the gold could save the nation’s economic crisis.

The excavation, which has sparked a lot of interest around India, started a couple of weeks ago. People have been gathering at the site to see if the man’s dream holds any truth. The site has become somewhat of a tourist attraction.

The project with uncover two 100-square meter areas beside the temple. The Geological Survey of India said there may be some metal bounty under the earth there, adding more evidence that gold may be there.

However, the state’s head archaeologist has warned that there is a chance no gold will be found at the site. Often, pottery and tools are found in these types of areas.

The people of India on average buy around 2.3 tons of gold every day, which is mostly offered to the gods or hoarded. This amounts to $52 billion in gold sales last year, over three times more than the United States sales of $16 billion.

India’s gold imports is seen as a major factor in the nation’s mounting deficit.

Courtesy of NBC World News

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