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Gold and Diamonds Make a Nice Addition to Any Wardrobe

The Aztecs call gold “teocuitlatl” which, when translated, means “excrement of the gods.” Although gold has been used and treasured for centuries, more than 90% of all gold has only been mined since 1848. In that year, prospectors found gold at Sutter’s Mill, California, sparking the most massive gold rush of all time.

Nowadays, gold sales online and in stores mean that the precious metal is readily available. As a result, consumers are able to easily head to jewelry stores and retailers to pick up beautiful gold necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, and all kinds of other jewelry.

The term 14 carats is often associated with elegance or high quality, but many people do not know exactly what that means. A piece of 14K gold is 14 parts gold mixed with 10 parts of a different metal. Though it is not necessarily pure gold, the percentage of gold is still high enough that, to the consumer, noticing the difference is virtually impossible.

Regardless of the carat rating, many investors will choose to buy gold as a hedge against potential economic or potential currency crises. The value of gold is constantly on the rise, so owning some could be a good way to prevent losing it all during economic strife.

Gold can be a great investment because its value is determined completely by the marketplace, rather than the supply. There is a huge quantity of gold stored above ground, compared to annual production, so changes in production have less impact on the price than changes in demand. Though there have been some dips and anomalies, the value of gold has gone up consistently over the past few decades, so investing in gold is almost always a safe bet.

While diamonds might not be as strong of an investment, there are lots of reasons to buy a diamond for sale. While some might become a diamond buyer simply because they like to collect the precious stones, others might be looking for jewelry that pops even more than gold does. In fact, buying a diamond for sale is something that millions of men do every year when they hope to propose. When it comes to jewelrydiamonds and gold fit together beautifully, making those items a popular choice for weddings and lots of other special occasions.

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